Saturday, August 26, 2006

MOKSH!!!!!::Free ur Mind

This group is not promoting ne religion or god.

This group is made to help people free their mind.

In our daily routine..we hardly find ne time for ourself,this group aims at helping people know themselves...

Spend some time with ur self,write post about ur u felt about a relationship break up...or new relationship...write about ne fight u had today...write about ne casual discussions u had with ur friend....write about ur new plans for the most wildest dreams u hav...write about ur dream girl or guy...write ne thing that u want to express about ur self and see for ur self that ur thoughts and ideas are not different from others.

But Plz spend sometime talking alone!!!

Some people may fine this group stupid and may even abuse me for creating something like this..but it doesnt matter to me.

What matters to me is what i belive.

I belive that spending some time alone helps!!!!!!!!!

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